Friday, February 19, 2010

Road Trip

I drove to Maryland with a friend last weekend to pick up her newly adopted puppy (who may or may not eventually be named "Sparky Malarkey"). She found him on and it was love at first sight. He is probably 11 weeks old and looks like a border collie mix. The story is that he was found as a stray in Kentucky and was driven to a small shelter in Maryland by a gentleman in a pickup truck who found him and couldn't locate an owner. Now of course he is in Virginia, so this little guy has already traveled more than most dogs ever will. He may also be the cutest puppy I have seen in the past year.


This image was taken on my way back from Maryland last weekend. The roads were clear, but (as you can see) there was still a lot of snow on the ground. I wish I had a barn like this, or even a much smaller one, on my farm. Doesn't every farm need a barn? I thought I read that somewhere. Rumor has it there was a barn at one time, but it fell down or was sold off or something like that. There is something that looks like an old building foundation behind and to the right of the farm house, so I imagine that was where it was located ---- but the area is now covered by small trees and brush. Sigh. Maybe one day I will figure out how (and where) to put a barn --- and then of course I'll need horses or other fun animals to live inside.