Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Airstream

The nice folks at Airstream hosted a holiday photo contest --- and I (just now) won one of the five top spots with my sepia-toned image above. Very exciting!! The other images above were also candidates for the competition. Winners gets a free t-shirt (hooray --- just what I need) and the winning images will be used for Airstream's digital holiday cards. Thank you to Flake and Daisy for being such patient models, even though it was the image without them that won.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Lights --- and Snow!

Managed to get my lights up just in time for the Richmond SPCA holiday party (thank you Tray and Dustin) --- and then on Sunday night, it snowed!! Even more snow arrived on Thursday and everything is still frosted in white. Just beautiful --- and my dogs love it!!

A well-distributed bag of sunflower seeds has made my yard oh-so-very popular with birds of all shapes and sizes. Wish I had a better vantage point for taking bird pictures like I did in the little apartment. See here for warm weather examples. Hmmm. Something to consider in the new year. :-)