Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pump House

Note the fancy new stoop (which replaces the stacked cinder blocks
that have served that purpose for the past decade or more)
..White paint on the walls
and gray deck paint on the floor

More actual progress to report this week! The Pump House (or "Shack") is a small building behind the main farm house that used to feature really dirty indoor carpeting (and under that an uneven floor) and holes in the walls and gaps up near where the walls met the ceiling. Decided to transform it into a dedicated storage building with some much needed repairs and a coat or two of fresh paint. Ta da. Mission accomplished. It looks SO much better and is already neatly storing tons of stuff on very organized shelves. Thank you Tommy and Charles and Richard and Tray and Dustin and Joanne for all of your help! Hooray --- crossing another project off the long TO DO list.


Sarah Brophy said...

Wow- two big projects in a month! Setting a marvelous trend for 2011!

Anonymous said...

how tall is your metal buiding