Sunday, January 23, 2011

Actual Farm Progress


Yikes (birds lived here...)

After :-)

This blog was originally intended to document progress on the rehabilitation of my tiny farm and it has clearly expanded to include almost everything else in my life. Such is the beauty of a blog I suppose. Happy to report this week on some actual brick and mortar progress though (or in this case wood, insulation and siding). The large metal building on my property has a small apartment where I lived for over two years. That end of the building has always had gaps in the siding and poor insulation and I knew there were at least a few birds making nests under the bathroom window. Not sure I realized how easy that was for them though. Decided this wall needed fixing and I am pleased to say it is now 100% fixed. See BEFORE and AFTER above. For those who appreciate details, note the all-new framing around the door (custom fit folded metal), reconstructed threshold, all-new framing around both windows, and fresh paint on the brand-new dutch door with a dog door. Also note the perfect clean-up after a very messy job. Thank you Charles and Tommy and Richard!

On to the next project!

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