Friday, February 17, 2012

Chicken Little Update

Nesting Boxes

Lifting Her Head to Drink

Miss Chicken Little is moving up in the world and I think she approves of all improvements so far. In the past week, she has requested a split level condominium and a weather resistant radio for her chicken enclosure --- and these were promptly installed. She made it very clear that she likes to roost high at night (requiring a bar on which to roost) and to nest slightly lower during the day (requiring a nesting box). Who knew? Actually, anyone who found the time to read a chicken book BEFORE getting a chicken would have known, but that (alas) was not me. Better late than never I suppose. The radio was my friend Jay's suggestion and I do believe she spends her time talking to the radio or at least singing along to chicken-approved songs.
She continues to seem happy in this new location and is absolutely unflappable with my dogs. They are of course never inside her enclosure and she has yet to come out, but they can be right next to her enclosure, barking and playing, and she ignores them completely. She has actually pecked three of the dogs square on the nose when they tried to poke their noses through the wire mesh. Silly dogs. None of them will do THAT again. :-)
Her appetite is still good and she is SO enthusiastic about new food items. It is much fun to surprise her each morning with something different and watch her gobble it up. So far, shredded cheese and almond slices appear to be her absolute favorites.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, you should get Chicken Little a friend (another hen). They like company... I had two chickens for years, Lady Bird and Henrietta, and they were wonderful pets. They were also very devoted to one another.