Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Yes yes, for those who asked --- the picture of the tomato on the right side of the blog is indeed real (i.e., from my farm). The only vegetables I planted this season were tomato plants (three different varieties) and a few herbs, but they were amazing. Probably had more luck with my "crops" than I might have had otherwise because I planted everything in Earthboxes (see foreground of picture above). These clever rolling containers provide plenty of room for planting, while also providing a built-in self-watering system for the plants. Even with the heat we had in Virginia this summer, I was able to water every other day and the plants thrived for months. Rest assured, I have enjoyed lots of tomato/mozzarella salads, eaten plenty of tomato sandwiches, made quite a few tomato pies and given away bags of tomatoes to other people as well. Next year --- lettuce, carrots and radishes are in the gardening plans. I don't even really like radishes, but I love how they look just peeking out of the ground. How's that for farming honesty? :-) (for more information on earthboxes)

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