Sunday, September 2, 2007


Crosby is the old man of my crew, at the grand old age of 12. He seems to be going strong though and can keep up with the other dogs for at least the first few laps around the field each day. Then he usually loses interest in their silliness and retires to the deck to watch the zooming from afar. He can usually be counted on to greet guests with a large bed pillow or one of my shoes in his mouth --- and then leaves these items in the yard for me to find via flashlight late at night, usually after it starts to rain. He seems to enjoy this game immensely. :-)


Mom said...

I have always loved Crosby...what a fine dog.

Sarah Brophy said...

We've admired Sarah's training prowess since we first saw Crosby get Sarah a drink from the fridge seven years ago. Now we're clicker training our bunnies - yes rabbits. Now that we've found the right food motivator (yogurt drops) we've got them coming when we click, and then have shaped them to sit on the stairs with us. Eventually we'll tackle rabbit agility! Parker (our 14-year-old son) says that he wishes he could go live with Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Crosby is KING :-)