Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Deck in the Agility Field

Car port BEFORE the deck was added

Car port AFTER the deck was added

Car port and deck --- as seen from the apartment

This deck technically predates the blog, but only by a few weeks, so I thought I would document the project anyway. There was a car port in the (now) agility field when I bought the property, which had plywood walls so that it could serve as a makeshift horse stall. Because the interior didn't get any light, it was always a bit muddy and looked like prime real estate for snakes and spiders. My friend Ed Rothschild, who was living in the big house at that time, systematically removed all the walls, which was a big project. Thank you Ed! It looked immensely better after that, but the ground was still uneven under the car port and it was tricky to keep it mowed properly with the support columns and ground braces in the way. So, in August I had a deck built under the car port and I love it. Have been able to move a metal table and chairs out to the deck (all found at the Salvation Army and vastly improved with a few coats of fresh paint) and it makes a perfect place to sit while watching the dogs race around the field. And post-racing, the dogs all seem to love hanging out on the deck as well. Still need to stain the wooden sides of the deck, but the top is a composite material that will never need stain or paint. Hooray.


Sarah Brophy said...

It looks fabulous - Home & Garden should be doing a shoot!

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