Sunday, February 24, 2008


Little Miss Daisy is just shy of 10 months old now and doing great. In case I failed to mention it earlier, she is officially staying and has quickly made herself part of the family. All of you who predicted I would keep her (when I suggested she was only temporary) were of course right, and she has grown into a lovely dog, both in structure and temperament. She runs like the wind when we get out in the field, but seems to have found an "off switch" for at least some of her indoor time. I am thankful for this quality, as off switches do not come standard on border collies. She knows SIT and DOWN and has started to learn RIGHT and LEFT, which will help with future agility courses. If you see me, ask how her training is going. I fear I need a bit of a push to make time for puppy training amidst everything else. Daisy learns everything oh-so-very-quickly --- so I really do owe it to her to make sure she is learning the right stuff. Wish me luck.

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