Saturday, April 12, 2008


To say that there are rabbits at my farm would be an understatement indeed. There are zillions of them --- and they are visible every morning and evening, munching away on grass and other delicacies in all of the fields. In the spirit of the holidays, I left a large pile of carrots for them before Christmas --- and ALL of those carrots were still there when I returned after New Year's Day. Very odd. Either rabbits don't eat carrots as happily as Bugs Bunny would have had us believe --- or my particular rabbits are very finicky. In any case, they seem to be thriving on something around here --- and love to torment my dogs by eating grass just 20 feet beyond the apartment yard fence. It is apparent from the last photograph just why they are called "cotton tails". .

P.S. Interestingly, I have only seen one squirrel in the four years I have been here. I'm guessing maybe all the bunnies scared them off.

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