Monday, April 6, 2009

Post-It Notes

Stick Around
(the photo that won 1st place)

One of my favorite web sites is and I have been entering their photo challenges for about a year now ( The challenges certainly motivate me to take pictures regularly and are a great way to get feedback on my photography --- and give feedback to others. There are some amazing photographers on this website from all over the world, and I am both impressed and inspired by their work. A highlight of my year was winning second place in the "post-it note" photo contest in February. See above for that photograph, some outtakes, and a wide angle shot that shows you how simple the setup was. There is a new post-it note puzzle now too (see right column). Enjoy. :-)
Update: The winner in the photo contest above was eliminated --- so I actually ended up with first place (!!) in the competition. Very exciting indeed.

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