Saturday, July 4, 2009


Welcome to little Gable. And allow me to introduce the newest member of the menagerie here on the farm. I recently tried to "just foster" him and failed miserably, adopting him permanently just one week later. He appears to be the cutest kitten in the world, so there really was no choice, now was there? His name is Gable (as in Clark), which ties in with previous cats (now deceased): Spencer (as in Tracy), Tracy (as in Spencer), Bogart (as in Humphrey) --- and of course the dog (alive and well) Crosby (as in Bing). Gable seems to be fitting in perfectly and is trying hard to make friends with all the dogs and Relay (the other cat). He has a wonderful playful personality, without that crazy streak that makes some kittens hard to manage. Stay tuned for more pictures and stories in the future.

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Becky said...

Oh Sarah....she is so very cute !!