Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Days in January

Pilot retreated to the front porch quite quickly while the other dogs played. In his defense, his 5" legs were no match for the 10" of snow.

I will add though that Gadget has the same 5" legs as Pilot, and she didn't seem to care one bit. She LOVED the snow, even when she seemed to be almost buried. :-)
There really has been some nice weather since the last time I posted, but you wouldn't know it from my blog. Once again, I will resolve to post more often during the year ahead. The snow is back in Virginia though and most of my dogs are thrilled. Yesterday the world was white, white, white --- and today the sun is shining and it really is gorgeous out there. Haven't tried to navigate my driveway yet, but I think I will wait until tomorrow for that. Fingers crossed. Note that both of my web cams (above right) are working perfectly --- so anyone who is interested can get a live view of the front driveway and agility field during daylight hours. Username is GUEST and password is WELCOME. Enjoy.
Note for observant visitors: the pictures on this post were accidentally loaded as thumbnail images this morning, so the quality was very bad. I have reposted with full-size images now, so they should be clearer.

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HEIDI said...

Sarah, This is so cool! I wish you were here so you could help me do something like this.

I forwarded your info to my friend, Cheryl England, and hope she will call you soon. She has been very busy but sounds like she's ready to start meeting people.

Keep up the beautiful photography, Heidi