Sunday, June 6, 2010

Copy Cat Crafting

First of all, it has been WAY too long since I posted to my blog. Apologies to anyone who has checked in recently and found nothing new. I am making promises to be better during the months ahead. And I might even find time to create a few "makeup" posts, as I have been anything but idle since February.

This weekend has been full of cleaning and catching up --- but I did find time to copy my friend Annie in a crafting endeavor. See above for the results. Much fun!! The link to Annie's post about a similar project is below --- and she was inspired by Beverly (who I have never met) at the link below that. Thank you to both of these talented crafters for inspiring me to actually make something. I think about crafting often, but starting is not my strong suit. :-)

Annie's post is here:

Beverly's post is here:

I started by finding plates and cups at the West End Antiques Mall --- deciding to use blue and white "Willow Ware" --- which I love and which is readily available in individual semi-matched pieces. I used the Gorilla Glue that Beverly recommended in her post and it worked great. Started by stacking the plates and cups in endless combinations, trying to decide on the best design for my serving piece. Honestly, I could have stacked for a very long time (muttering to myself about all the possibilities), but decided I had better start gluing before the weekend was over. Making crafting decisions is apparently not my strong suit either.

I glued an upside-down salad plate to the bottom of the biggest plate as Beverly suggested, so that my serving tower would sit slightly off the table, stacking books on top of the glued stack for about 30 minutes at each "level". I actually glued some of my top pieces together and some of the bottom pieces togther and then glued my two mini-stacks to each other, which seemed to work fine and speeded up the process a bit, since I could have two sections drying at once. The finished serving tower seems very sturdy and I look forward to using it to entertain soon. Here's hoping I can inspire someone else to go try this fun and easy project. I know there are LOTS of plates and cups out there just waiting for a second career!

This was my "collection".

And this was the "super" glue.

This was my first level (actually shown upside down).

Almost done.

And here is the final tower!!

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Beverly @ said...

Sarah this is so beautiful! I love that Willoware. I think your tower turned out very pretty. I'm going to add a page to my blog of projects people have tried and if it's ok with you I'm going to add this to that page. (Yours and Annie's being the only things on there at this point. haha) I'll put a link to it too - let me know if that's ok!