Monday, September 13, 2010

Flake in North Carolina

Great weekend at the Teamworks USDAA trial in Youngsville, NC. Flake ran clean in 14 out of 15 runs, earned two titles, and qualified for USDAA Nationals!! What a fun three days. Thank you to Tray and Kelly for looking after all my other critters, to Michelle for hosting a really nice trial, to Cheryl and Faye for being wonderful teammates, to Ed for grilling perfectly two nights in a row and for backing up my Airstream trailer --- and to Joanne for getting me and Flake back into the competitive swing of things. It certainly wouldn’t have happened without a BIG push in that direction. Thank you to Flake for running happily all weekend long. Louisville, here we come!!

(great photography is by RJM Images)

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Sarah Brophy said...

Good girl Flake - no signs of nervousness, eh? Congratulations.