Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Harvest



Green Apples

Myers Lemons

Patio Tomatoes

"Big Boy" Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

"Champion VFNT" Tomatoes

"Mr. Stripey" Tomatoes


Red Peppers


Despite all the rain and heat (or perhaps because if it) there are plenty of things growing at the farm these days. Just discovered the HUGE cucumbers today (very exciting) and have been eating lots of tomatoes in recent days. Blackberries continue to be plentiful and now it appears that I will have red peppers, eggplants, apples and pears ready for picking soon. The tiny lemon tree arrived via an internet company in April and it hasn't done too much. The tiny lemons were already in place when it got here and they haven't grown much in three months, so I don't expect they will. New leaves started popping out in the past three weeks though, so maybe there is reason for hope. Fingers crossed. All of this "harvesting" is of course done on a very small scale, but is fun (and tasty) nonetheless. Apples are the one exception (they are definitely not my thing), so anyone local who would like to come pick apples should definitely plan a visit. :-)

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