Thursday, August 7, 2008


Black Widow

Yellow Moth

Female Wolf Spider --- with lots of Wolf Spiderlings

There is no shortage of bugs in the country --- although mosquitoes have been thankfully scarce the past two years. When I first bought this property, the mosquitoes were EVERYWHERE and I became quite the expert on mosquito-repelling products. Letting grass grow back in all the spots where there was previously "standing water" is probably the reason for the drastic improvement. Hooray. This week I encountered one HUGE yellow moth inside my apartment. He was gorgeous, probably at least 5" in wingspan, and happy to be escorted outside to a Pokeberry bush where I was sure he would be happier. Also encountered my first black widow spider, who was stationed outside the garage in an unused clay pot. Sad to report that this fella did not get similarly escorted to safety. Eek and yikes.

Follow up to original post--- just saw this scary female Wolf spider on Friday morning. Ick ick ick. All of those bumps on her back are baby spiders (spiderlings) who she will carry around for at least two weeks, making her a great mother I suppose, but also probably the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Wolf spider bites are apparently rare and non-lethal --- and this spider was located a great distance from my apartment. Good thing. She thankfully scrambled away after two pictures, but before the dogs noticed or I had to to anything with her and her kids. May they scurry far away and never be seen again.

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