Sunday, August 8, 2010

Go Fish!

Once again, I am making up for lost time on this blog. Will try to post several times during the week ahead to include all the fun events of June and July --- and then maybe start posting more regularly. Fingers crossed.
For starters (and as you can see above), I now have a fish tank sitting in my kitchen, which makes me very happy. Fish tank maintenance has apparently become a lot more complicated since my childhood guppy-raising days though --- and I now know all about "cycling" a tank and testing weekly for pH, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels. It took over 6 weeks for my tank levels to stabilize --- but my little 10-gallon aquarium is now the happy home of quite a few fish and one dwarf amazon frog. Looks like my red platy is pregnant too, so there may be fish fry to photograph in the days ahead. I will continue to add pictures as I take them.
1 Red Platy
3 Zebra Danios
2 Neon Tetras
2 Xray/Pristella Tetras
1 Dwarf Amazon Frog

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