Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot Vegetables

This summer has been brutal in terms of gardens and vegetable crops. I watered and watered and watered and watered --- and eventually gave up because even twice a day didn't seem sufficient in the 100+ degree heat. Sigh. Maybe next year will be cooler. We can certainly hope. :-)
By way of a report though, I planted a bunch of earthboxes (as in prior years) and did have a beautiful crop of squash almost immediately. See results above. These were definitely labeled as yellow squash when I planted them, but the results look a whole lot like gourds to me --- and they are still hard as rocks (alas). Pretty to look at, but not too tasty. I also had plenty of delicious tomatoes for a few weeks and basil seems to be coming up everywhere still. I also had about three weeks of strawberries, three weeks of eggplants, a bunch of cucumbers, some very bitter yellow and green peppers, and some baby watermelons that look almost ripe now and are still going strong. I may try raised beds (as opposed to earthboxes) the next time around, to see if perhaps they can be watered more and will therefore wilt less. Fingers crossed. For an explanation of earthboxes, please see my earlier posts (and better photographs) here:

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