Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tricks are for Kids

I took several of my dogs (Flake, Gadget and Daisy) to the Children's Museum of Richmond to do some tricks this weekend. We must have seen over 200 kids and adults during the two shows we did --- and the dogs were (mostly) great. I think Gadget (above) delights in adding a little comedy to our routines, rolling over when I say SIT, sitting when I say DOWN and so forth. Sigh. I suppose there are worse things she could do --- and she usually finishes with a flourish. All of the kids seemed to enjoy the fun --- and Phyllis/Kaitlyn did a great job managing the traffic between shows. Many thanks!! Their young dog "Miley" made her demonstration debut and was very impressive. She seems oh-so-very-smart, happy to be petted and hugged, and unrattled by all the activity and noise. I see great things (and many demonstrations) in her future. :-)
The videographer from the Richmond Times Dispatch captured some of the tricks here:

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